Contract Farming / FBT

Thomas Banks and Partners are well established contract farmers as well as tenant farmers, maximising the return for the land owner while minimising the work required of them.

If you are looking for a new tenant farmer, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be delighted to meet with you and discuss what Thomas Banks and Partners has to offer.


Contract Farming

A Contract Farming agreement is not a partnership; it is a joint venture between two parties. The Farmer is engaging the services of the Contractor and this trading position is preserved insofar as tax, VAT, etc are concerned. Both parties retain their individual identity as farm businesses in their own right.

There are many benefits of a contract farming agreement such as:

  • Simple to understand and cheap to administer
  • A cash income, sheltered from swings in farming returns
  • Release of working capital
  • Retains taxation reliefs where applicable
  • Retains occupation of the farm with associated benefits, both residential and sporting.
  • Avoids creation of tenancy or complex partnerships
  • Reaps benefits of Contractor’s economies of scale

What services could a contract farming agreement provide?

  • Agronomy advice from David Boothroyd Farm Consultancy – this ensures the best and most economic pesticide and fertiliser regimes as he is an independent agronomist.
  • ‘Assured Combinable Crops Scheme’ (ACCS) registered produce so that the grain can be marketed at the best price possible with full traceability.
  • Reduction in Variable Costs – Thomas Banks and Partners purchases all its variable costs though buying groups and independent companies and we also purchase in bulk, so we achieve the best discounts with scale.  This reduction in the cost of production will then have a very positive impact on your end gross margins.
  • Trained operators who all have their PA1,2,4S,6 as well as being NRoSO registered.
  • Detailed field records and gross margins using Farmplan Gatekeeper, which would be discussed at quarterly meetings between the Landlord and Thomas Banks and Partners.
  • Latest technology, ranging from field mapping, variable rate fertiliser, trace elements and seed to band spraying.
  • Utilisation of a wide range of machinery, from mole drainers to latest Vadestad cultivators.

At Thomas Banks and Partners we pride ourselves in being able to offer the complete service. There is no job that you would need to seek outside contractors for. We even do all our own baling, hedge cutting and sugar beet harvesting.


 Farm Business Tenancies (FBT)

Thomas Banks and Partners has a wealth of experience in Farm Business Tenancies, from the set up of an agreement, to its implementation and management. If this type of agreement is more suitable for your situation then don’t hesitate to contact us and we can discuss all aspects of the tenancy and we can then submit a proposal.


If you would like us to come and discuss what we can do for your farm including contract farming or farm tenancies, then please do not hesitate to contact us.