Case AFX 9120

Purchased in 2009, this combine offers the latest in technology and productivity. Fully RTK GPS autosteered with a 10.66m header (35ft) and a 571hp engine, it has the potential to harvest huge areas daily, with a farm record of 200 acres cut in 12 hours 41minutes.

OSR Harvest

The AFX 9120 has a 12,300L grain tank which is able to unload in just under 2.5 minutes. We have had unloader extensions built in so that if we are doing straw, at no time are the rows run on by grain trailers.

With a 120 fixed blade integral chopper, it has the ability to create a fantastic fine chop which is then evenly spread across the full 10.66m.

The combine is fitted with GPS yield mapping and moisture testing. This gives us the ability to produce individual field maps and detailed reports, which can then be used at a later date to influence management decisions. Weed patches and other features can also be recorded to help our agronomist identify areas that need most attention.

Please watch our harvest video here.

18t Warwick Grain Trailer

Supported by a fleet of grain carts, which include 18 ton Warwick trailers all of which are towed by either 195hp Case Puma or a 230hp Case PumaCVX. These trailers are all fitted with air brakes and low pressure tyres, reducing any impact made especially in wetter harvests. The tractors are all 50km/hr capable making the process of grain haulage back to farm site easy and efficient even if over large distances.




At Thomas Banks and Partners we bale around 9000 bales per annum. This is made up of around 5000 off our own farm and the rest from contracting out our straw service. Utilising a New Holland BB9090 big baler, we offer the latest in baling technology ensuring we get bales weighing up to 0.65t per bale and are consistent in their quality.

NH BB9090 Big Baler

Please watch our baling video here.

To gain quick and efficient removal of the straw bales off the field to a stack, our straw team is equipped with a Heath SuperChaser. This allows subsequent cultivations to be unhindered in their timings, which is crucial to us and our clients.

Please watch our straw chasing video here.

Straw and residue removal has become a very important part of our strategy to combat black grass and wild oats. The removal of the residue has a massive impact on the quantity of weed seed return and also aids cultivations. Unlike many other brands, our Case 9120 combine has the option to place all the chaff in the straw row. By doing this, we ensure the maximum amount of weed seeds are removed by baling and increase the weight of the bales. This straw is kept separate to our straw produced for the livestock market and is then sold to a power station to be burnt so that those seeds are not returned to any land.

Baling and straw removal is just one of the services we can offer as part of a contract farming agreement. Or if you are interesting in us baling your straw or you have straw in the swath to sell then please contact us.